Maximize Your Lighting Experience with Suncrafter Lights S200B and S200B PRO

In the world of professional lighting, versatility and control are key. That's where Suncrafter Lights S200B and S200B PRO stand out with their innovative MAX Mode feature. Whether you're a photographer, a filmmaker, or simply need high-quality lighting for your workspace, understanding how MAX Mode enhances your lighting setup can make a significant difference.

What is MAX Mode?

Max Mode Suncrafters S200B
MAX Mode is a special feature available in Suncrafter Lights S200B and S200B PRO models. Designed for those moments when you need the most out of your lighting, MAX Mode boosts the power output to its peak. With a simple press of the MAX/BT button, you unlock the full potential of your lighting equipment.

Engaging MAX Mode

Turning On Max Mode Suncrafters
  1. Activate MAX Mode: Simply press the MAX/BT button on your Suncrafter light. This action switches the light into MAX Mode, unlocking higher power output.
  2. Power Output in MAX Mode: In this mode, the power output varies. When your color temperature is set between 3700k and 5000k, the output ranges from 200W to a substantial 310W. This range is perfect for scenarios requiring intense, focused light.
  3. Standard Output Outside the Range: If your color temperature falls outside the 3700k to 5000k range, the light automatically adjusts to a standard 200W output, ensuring energy efficiency and optimal lighting for those temperatures.
  4. Adjusting Brightness and Color Temperature: For quick adjustments in MAX Mode, press the Dim/SET key. For finer control, rotate the Dim/SET key. This dual-method adjustment ensures you can quickly tailor the lighting to your needs.

Why MAX Mode Matters

Imagine you're shooting a video in a dimly lit room. Standard lighting options might leave you with grainy footage or insufficient light. Here’s where MAX Mode becomes crucial. The increased power output allows for a brighter, more evenly lit scene, resulting in clearer, more professional-looking footage.

Before Max Mode Imagery
After Max Mode Imagery

How It Stands Apart from Other Brands

The MAX Mode in Suncrafter Lights S200B and S200B PRO sets them apart from other brands. This feature provides unparalleled control over power output and color temperature, which is essential for professional-quality lighting. While other brands may offer adjustable settings, the specific range and control provided by Suncrafter's MAX Mode are tailored for professionals who demand precision.

Whether you're a professional in need of high-quality lighting solutions or someone who appreciates superior control over your environment, the MAX Mode in Suncrafter Lights S200B and S200B PRO is a game-changer. It’s not just about more light; it’s about the right light for the right moment. Experience the difference and illuminate your world like never before with Suncrafter's innovative MAX Mode.


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